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Frequently Asked Questions

We've prepared a list of the most commonly asked questions to help you find the information you’re after. If you have a more specific question that is not in this list please call SuperConnect on 1300 130 434.

Please select your 'question' from the drop down box below:

Note that to access certain pages of the website or to make a change online you will need log in with your member number and PIN.

Where can I access forms?

Forms are available in the "Information/Forms" section of the website found from the main menu bar of the website, or click here to access.
How do I change my investment option(s)?

You can change (or switch) your investment option at any time, on a daily basis.

To change your investment option:
  • you can do so online by selecting 'Change your investment option(s)' in the 'Investments' section, or
  • you can call SuperConnect on 1300 130 434 to speak to a Service Representative who can help you.
Note that any switch will generally take effect three business days after receipt by the Fund.

You will receive a confirmation letter of this change.
How do I make a change to my personal details?

You can change your personal details in one of three ways:
  • Website- online now,
  • SuperConnect 1300 130 434 - where a service representative can help you, and
  • Change of Details Form - to complete and return to Fund.
You should note that if you wish to change your name or date of birth you will need to contact the Fund in writing and supply supporting documentation.

To access the Change of Details Form, click here. This form allows the change of:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
(If you are changing your name, you will need to attach a certified copy of your birth, marriage, or change of name certificate to this form. To change your date of birth you will need to supply a certified copy of a passport, drivers licence or birth certificate.)
  • Address
  • Email
  • Date joined company
  • Date joined fund
  • Working hours
  • Basic Member Contribution rate (for Defined Contribution Division only)
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions
(If you are changing working hours or contribution data you will need to return the form to you HR Representative or Payroll.)
How would my family claim a death benefit?

If your family or legal personal representative needs to claim a death benefit, they should contact SuperConnect on 1300 130 434 for the appropriate forms.

The assessment times for death benefit claims can vary. In the worst case, it may take several months, depending on the number of parties involved and the need to comply with legislation governing the payment of death benefits.
How do I claim a total and permanent disablement (TPD) benefit?

If you think you are eligible to claim a TPD benefit, you should notify the Fund as soon as possible. You can obtain the appropriate claim forms by calling SuperConnect on 1300 130 434.

The assessment times for TPD benefit claims may take many months, depending on the circumstances of each case and the number of medical reports required by the insurer and the Trustee. There is normally a six-month waiting period from the date you last attended work to the time that your TPD claim is assessed. In certain circumstances, the Trustee and insurer may decide to waive the six-month waiting period, e.g. if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The steps involved in the claims process include:
  • The member to complete the appropriate claim form (obtained via SuperConnect).
  • The Fund will then obtain information from BlueScope Steel HR and detailed medical reports from the member's treating doctors (the cost of these are met by the member).
  • When the above has been received the Fund will pay for the member to be examined by an independent doctor.
  • The claim is then assessed by the Fund's Claims Assessor.
  • The claim may also be submitted to the Benefits Review Committee for further determination.
For detailed enquiries please refer to the Claims Co-ordinators.

If approved, a payment for a total and permanent disablement benefit cannot be made until the member has ceased employment with BlueScope Steel.
How do I contact BlueScope Steel Super?

You can contact BlueScope Steel Super through the following ways:
What can I do with my super in the Fund if I leave BlueScope Steel?

If you leave BlueScope Steel, you don't have to leave the Fund, BlueScope Steel Super.

Depending on your circumstances:
  • If you cease employment with BlueScope Steel, you can keep your super in the Retained Benefits Division, or
  • If you are at least age 55 or have qualified for a total and permanent disablement benefit, you may be eligible to purchase a pension. The Fund does not offer pensions, but pension products are available through various financial institutions. As a BlueScope Steel Super member you are able to purchase Russell iQ® Retirement (superscript ®) from the Russell SuperSolution Master Trust, subject to satisfying the relevant eligibility criteria.
For more information about these products, refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) that can be found in 'Information/Forms' from the main menu of the Fund's website.
What happens to my super when I leave BlueScope Steel?

What happens to your account?

When you leave the Company your super benefit is automatically transferred to the Fund's Retained Benefits Division (RBD) unless you provide payment instructions prior to your exit date. If you don't notify the Fund of any payment instructions then your benefit will remain in your newly established account in the RBD.

Shortly after leaving you will receive information regarding your Retained Benefits Division Account including a new member number, PIN and Product Disclosure Statement.

If you are a Defined Contribution Division member, your benefit will be transferred to the RBD and invested in the same investment option(s) in which your DCD account was invested.

If you are a Defined Benefit Division member, your defined benefit will be converted to an accumulation-style benefit and invested in Option A, until you make an investment choice. Your Additional Accounts will continue to be invested in the same investment option(s).

If your benefit is less than $2,000 and you don't provide the Fund with payment instructions within 90 days of leaving BlueScope Steel, your benefit will be transferred from the Retained Benefits Division to an "Eligible Rollover Fund" (ERF). So if you want to remain in the Fund's RBD you'll need to top-up your account above $2,000.

What happens to your insurance cover?

If you're under 60 when you leave BlueScope Steel you may be able to continue your insurance cover by purchasing an individual policy with the Fund's insurer. If you're interested in this option you'll need to take out this cover within 60 days of leaving BlueScope Steel.

Death only insurance cover is available to members of the Retained Benefits Division.

If you have any questions, please call SuperConnect on 1300 130 434 to speak to one of our Service Representatives.
What are the things I should consider when I first join BlueScope Steel Super?

Choose an investment strategy for your super

When you first join the Fund your employer contributions are invested in the Fund's default investment option, which is Option C, invested 70% in growth assets and 30% in defensive assets. You should take the time to consider your investment goals and timeframe and choose an investment strategy most suited to your personal circumstances.

You can change your investment strategy at any time, on a daily basis. If you wish to change your investment strategy, call SuperConnect on 1300 130 434 or do so online in 'Change your investment option(s)' in the 'Investments' section (you will need to log in with your member number and PIN).

Consider your insurance needs

Most new BlueScope Steel employees become members of BlueScope Steel Super as their Default Fund (unless they make a choice of fund to join a different fund) and receive a basic level of death and disablement insurance. For information about insurance arrangements refer to your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). If you wish to purchase additional insurance cover, call SuperConnect on 1300 130 434.

Nominate your dependants

Nominating dependants for your benefit in the Fund is important if you wish to have a say in who gets your money in the event of your death. You should complete a Nomination of Dependants Form for your superannuation benefit at your earliest convenience.
How can I make a choice of fund?

"Choice of Fund" is legislation that permits future employer contributions to be directed to a fund of your choice.

If you wish to direct your future employer contributions to another fund contact BlueScope Steel HR for more information.

You should be aware that if you choose to direct your future contributions to another fund, your existing account balance will remain in the Fund (i.e. the BlueScope Steel Superannuation Fund) and your account will continue to be debited with the administration fee and the cost of any insurance cover.
How do I find any lost super?

Check the lost member's register

For many people finding lost super is a relatively simple exercise that can be done online or with a telephone call.

The first step is to visit the "super" page on the ATO website at super where the SuperSeeker tool allows you to search the lost members' register (LMR), which holds details of lost super accounts and the name of the super fund that reported the account as being lost.

You can either conduct a free online search, phone the SuperSeeker help line on 132 865 or lodge a paper form search request.

In all cases, you will need to be ready to provide your name, date of birth and Tax File Number.

Not on the lost members' register?

If you don't find your super through the lost members' register, then there are some other ways you may be able to locate your money.

1. Search your documents

If you have old statements, they can be a good starting point to find your super. You can contact the fund using the details on your statement, to see if they still hold your account. The fund will then be able to tell you if your account is still open, or if they have rolled it over into another fund.

2. Contact your previous employer

If you can't find an old statement, try contacting the employer that paid you the super. They can tell you which super fund they were using at the time, and provide you with the fund's contact details.
How do I find out about education seminars in my area?

Education seminars are held at major BlueScope Steel worksites each year. To find out when these seminars may be held look out for any notices at your worksite or ask your local HR Representative.

Attending a seminar puts you in a position to learn more about how you can make the most of your investment in superannuation and get the best possible value from the features and benefits available to you through the Fund.
How do I find out what investment option(s) I'm invested in?

You can find out what your investment option(s) are by checking your current investment strategy in the "Investments" section of the website, under "Your Investments".
How do I get a copy of a Fund publication?

Fund publications are available in the "Information/Forms" section of the website found from the main menu bar of the website.
How can I access a financial adviser?

If you need to find a financial adviser, the Fund offers you the Adviser Referral Program managed by : Russell Investments Financial Solutions Pty Ltd.

You can call SuperConnect on 1300 130 434 to be put through to a Russell Investments representative who can appraise your personal needs and refer you to a financial adviser with the most appropriate expertise and support services to help you. Russell Investments has selected third party advisers to participate in the Adviser Referral Program on the basis of their experience, their educational qualifications and skill sets. They are familiar with the BlueScope Steel Superannuation Fund and Russell's investment process. The advisers who participate in the program are monitored by Russell Investments on a yearly basis.

Russell, BlueScope Steel or the Fund does not receive any commissions or fees for referring you to a financial adviser.
How can I access the latest investment returns?

You can get the latest investment return by checking the current unit price for your investment option(s) in the 'Your Investments' section of the website.

You can also access the Fund's longer term investment performance, found in the 'Your Investments' section of the website.
How do I access my latest account balance?

You can get your latest account balance by checking your 'Leaving service benefit' found in the 'Benefits' section of the website.

To access this page you must log in with your member number and PIN.
How do I increase my insurance cover?

If you are a member of the Defined Contribution Division you can apply to receive additional death and total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance cover.

If you wish to apply for additional death and TPD insurance cover, call SuperConnect on 1300 130 434 for more information and to receive the appropriate form.

You may need to provide evidence of good health. Your additional insurance will only be granted once your request has been approved by the Fund's insurer. The insurer reserves the right to decline to provide additional insurance cover if your health is unsatisfactory. The insurer's acceptance may exclude any pre-existing conditions.

If you have applied for additional insurance online you will receive a letter in the mail confirming your request has been received, and if required, stating details regarding the medical information you are required to supply. Once all information is received and assessed, you will be notified in writing of the result of your application for an increase in your insurance cover.
How do I make a complaint about the Fund?

The Fund has a formal procedure to deal with complaints from members. If you wish to make a complaint, please write to:

Enquiries and Complaints Officer
BlueScope Steel Superannuation Fund
Locked Bag A4010
Sydney South NSW 1235

Depending on the nature of your complaint, we may ask you to provide further information in writing, so that we can fully understand the nature of your complaint. Our goal is to handle your complaint efficiently and fairly and we will provide the Trustee's decision as quickly as possible.

You can obtain advice in relation to the complaints-handling process or feedback on the status of your complaint by calling SuperConnect on 1300 130 434.
How do I make salary sacrifice contributions?

You can choose to make salary sacrifice contributions, either before or after tax, by completing the Superannuation Salary Sacrifice Form available through your HR representative or Payroll.
Note that this form must be submitted back to Payroll to implement.
How can I nominate or change my dependants for my death benefit?

For a non-binding nomination

A non-binding nomination is where the Trustee is guided by your nomination but not legally bound by it, the Trustee may also take into account your personal circumstances known at the time of your death.

You can make or change a non-binding nomination either:
  • Online under 'Change Dependants' found in the 'Personal Details' section , or
  • by completing the Nomination of Dependants Form, click here to access.
For a binding nomination

For a binding nomination

A binding nomination is where the Trustee is required by law to abide by your nomination provided it is valid at the date of your death.

You can make a binding nomination only by completing the Nomination of Dependants Form,click here. A binding nomination cannot be made or amended via the website.

Whether you choose to have a non-binding or binding nomination, keeping your nomination up to date is important if your circumstances change, for example in the event of marriage, divorce or birth of a child.
How do I open a Spouse Account for my spouse?

If you wish to open a Spouse Account, you should review the Spouse Account Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and obtain the Application Form found at the back of the PDS. Click here for a copy of the PDS.

You, the member, and your spouse need to complete the Application Form and return it to the Fund.

The minimum opening balance for a new spouse account is $1500. This can include a rollover from your spouse's previous fund or a contribution split from your own account. The opening balance must include at least a $10 contribution from you, the member, by way of cheque it cannot be from a contribution split.`
How do I transfer other super into BlueScope Steel Super?

There are two ways you can transfer your other super benefits into BlueScope Steel Super:
  • Contact your previous fund and they will forward you documentation to complete to authorise the transfer. You should check if they have exit fees that may apply to you.
  • Complete the Rollover Form available online or by calling SuperConnect on 1300 130 434. This form gives BlueScope Steel Super the authority to retrieve your monies on your behalf.
How do I transfer part or all of my existing account balance to another fund?

If you wish to transfer all or part of your existing super account balance to another fund you will need to complete the Transfer of Accrued Super Benefits Form available online, click here for a copy.

If you are a Defined Benefit Division member, you can only transfer the accumulation part of your benefit.

You should be aware that if you choose to direct your future contributions to another super fund and decide to transfer your existing account balance out of the Fund, your insurance cover will cease immediately.
How do I transfer from the Defined Benefits Division to the Defined Contribution Division?

If you are a member of the Defined Benefit Division (DBD) you can transfer to the Defined Contribution Division (DCD) at any time.

If you wish to transfer to the DCD you should first review a copy of the latest DCD Product Disclosure Statement available online.

You will need to complete and return to the Fund the Transfer Form that is also available online, click here to access a copy, or call SuperConnect on 1300 130 434.

Please be aware that once you transfer from the DBD to the DCD, you cannot rejoin the DBD in the future as this division is closed to new members.
How do I split contributions with my spouse?

Government legislation allows you to split some superannuation contributions made to your account with your spouse. You can split what are called 'splittable contributions' made during the previous financial year up to the lesser of 85% of your concessional (before-tax and Company) contributions and the concessional contribution limit. Restrictions apply if your spouse is over his/her preservation age.

For more information about 'splittable' contributions refer to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website at super.

Your Annual Benefit Statement will include details of your contributions for each financial year. To apply for a contribution split you must submit a completed Superannuation Contribution Splitting Application Form, available by clicking here or by calling SuperConnect.
How can I access a pension?

If you are at least age 55 or have qualified for a total and permanent disablement benefit, you may be eligible to purchase a pension. The Fund does not offer pensions, but pension products are available through various financial institutions. As a BlueScope Steel Super member you are able to purchase Russell iQ Retirement from the Russell SuperSolution Master Trust, subject to satisfying the relevant eligibility criteria.

For more information about Russell iQ Retirement or an application form refer to the Product Disclosure Statement available by clicking here or calling SuperConnect on 1300 130 434.
Why does it take time to receive my Government Co-contribution?

If you qualify for the Government's co-contribution in a financial year, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will send you a written notification. The ATO processes co-contributions after an individual has filed their income tax return for the financial year. In the meantime, you may wish to check with the ATO for more information about whether you qualified to receive the Government co-contribution in a given financial year.

How do I get a new PIN if I can't find my original one?

If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, you can order a new one by clicking on the relevant section on the home page of the Fund's website, or by calling SuperConnect on 1300 130 434.

A new PIN will be mailed to your address on file.
Can my employer contribute into my BlueScope Steel Retained Benefits Division?

Currently, the Fund is not able to accept contributions from employers that are not part of the BlueScope Steel group.
How do I make contributions to my account for the Government Co-Contribution scheme?

You can make a cheque payable to "BlueScope Steel Superannuation Fund" and complete an Additional Voluntary Contribution Form and mail it to the Fund. Also your regular after-tax contributions qualify for the Government Co-Contribution.
Are spouse contributions eligible for the Government Co-Contributions?

No. The Government will only make a co-contribution, subject to eligibility and conditions, for personal after-tax contributions you make into your own superannuation accounts.
Why can I not fax any forms or third party authorities?

The safety and security of your super benefit with the Fund are key priorities for the Trustee. The Fund has procedures and processes in place to maximise security against fraudulent activity. For privacy and security reasons the Fund will not accept faxed third party authorities. All authorities must be originals or a certified copy. Any forms completed by members must show original signatures.
How do I notify the Fund when my address details have changed?

It is very important that the Fund has your current details on file in order to communicate important updates and information about your benefit in the Fund. Please remember to contact the Fund through SuperConnect, the Fund website or in writing by mail when your address details change.

Please note, if you change your address with your payroll department you still need to contact the Fund in order to change your address with the Fund.

For members who live overseas, it is very important you advise the Fund of any change in your location as moving from country to country can affect your insurance cover. The Fund must advise the insurer of any change to your location to ensure you are in fact covered in your new location. You may experience problems with an insurance claim if the insurer does not have your current location details.
What are the things to consider when comparing superannuation funds?

Choosing a superannuation fund for your retirement savings is an important decision. Even small differences in investment performance, insurance arrangements and fees among different funds can have a significant impact on your long term benefits. To avoid making any mistakes you should ensure you make an informed decision.

The four main aspects you should consider when comparing the features of alternative funds and considering the risks in moving your superannuation are as follows:
  • Investments
  • Insurance cover
  • Fees and charges
  • Products and services
What are the things to consider when choosing an investment option?

How you invest your super will directly impact the value of your super benefit. When choosing an investment option it is important to select an investment strategy that suits your particular needs in relation to your investment goals, your risk tolerance and your investment timeframe. It's important to take the time to think about your investment strategy - the investment option(s) you choose should provide you with a return that is expected to meet your investment goals at a level of risk with which you are comfortable within your investment timeframe. You may wish to speak to a licensed financial adviser who can help you with these issues and in setting your investment strategy.

Disclaimer Issued by Total Risk Management Pty Limited (ABN 62 008 644 353 AFSL 238 790) as Trustee for BlueScope Steel Superannuation ABN 42 459 430 081.