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Unit Pricing Policy

During periods of extreme movements in the market the Fund may suspend transaction processing consistent with the Russell Investments* unit pricing policy that applies to the Fund. Russell Investments has an experienced unit pricing committee that oversees all unit pricing issues, including implementation of the unit pricing policy. A suspension in the processing of transactions is designed to prevent some members from inappropriately benefiting from 'market timing' to the disadvantage of other members.

The Fund monitors movements in the market on a daily basis. If there is a movement of more than a specified percentage, processing of transactions may be suspended. The main transaction types that are suspended in these periods are allocation of contributions received to member's accounts, investment switches, cash benefit payments and rollovers to other funds. Any contributions that cannot be allocated to members are held in a bank account in the Fund's name, as required by legislation, and the interest earned on this account is used to benefit all members.

Any suspension generally lasts no more than one day after which unit prices are calculated based on movement in the relevant benchmark index, until such time as the market stabilises.

The unit pricing committee may decide to continue processing of transactions, notwithstanding market volatility, if it considers this is the best approach to take.

* Russell Investments is the firm that manages the day to day administration of the Fund.

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